Monday, February 26, 2007

“I Enjoyed Drawing This WAY Too Much!”

Cartoonist Derrick Fish (responsible for the web comic Dandy And Company) has recently initiated a new Blogspot weblog that, in his words, merges his love for cartooning with his love for big women: Fish’s Big Girls. So far, Fish has posted ten pin-up images of big beauties: from plus-sized fairies to warrior princesses to (my personal fave) a collegiate “nerd girl.” The most recent piece is a slightly more elaborate sci-fi graphic that looks like somp’n Al Williamson or Wally Wood might’ve come up with in the fifties – if either of those s-f comics greats had possessed a more bountiful idea of what constitutes pulp beauty. Some trés sultry images here (his fat Snow White manages to look both appealingly demure and hungry at the same time) – keep ‘em coming, Derrick!

Update: Since the above posting, Fish has changed the title of his blog to Jubilicious Girls®. The blogroll at right has been revised accordingly . . .

Sunday, February 18, 2007

“You’re A Punkette Beyond Compare!”

From the March ’96 issue of BUF, here’s a Marsport sex-pager starring Dimensia’s Gal Pal Etta Quantum:

(Once again, the above strip is copyright Ned "King of the FAs" Sonntag.)

Tuesday, February 13, 2007

“I’m Really Putting on The Poundage!”

Before Ned Sonntag’s gonzo sex strips graced the pages of the plus-sized men’s mag BUF, there was Vic Martin’s ongoing strip “Joy Gorge.” Martin was a busy magazine cartoonist who appeared in a variety of Mad rip-offs along with a variety of lower-tier skin and tease mags. His Joy was a blond gold-digger who gains weight to catch the eye of a wealthy Middle Eastern Aga and gives into her inclination toward gluttony in the process. The Joy Gorge strips are fairly typical examples of men’s mag comics – strips where every male is perpetually horny and every femme is equally ready to give into their carnal urges – the primary wrinkle, of course, being that Joy’s gustatory urges are given just as much play as her sexual ones.

It wasn’t “Little Annie Fanny” by any means, but, in its simple big-footed way, Martin’s strip has its charms. It ran uninterrupted for five issues, then went on hiatus – purportedly while the magazine’s editors gauged audience loyalty to the character. (In the interim, Martin produced a two-page place holder strip and a one-page gag featuring Joy.) When she finally returned, it was under a new editorial regime. As a result, the character was quickly whisked off-stage to be replaced by a new horny BBW, Titanic Tina, who didn’t seem to share the same whole-hearted appetites as her predecessor. Brunette Tina maintained her own storyline for a few issues in BUF, but was soon turned into the central figure in a series of theme gag pages (Tina shows up a nudist colony; Tina gets a chef boyfriend, etc.) that ran for several years in the magazine. One suspects that the easy-joke one-pagers were better suited to BUF’s page rates.

In any event, a web page devoted to Joy’s adventures has been cobbled together by yours truly for the Dimensions website. The first five story strips and Martin’s hiatus strip are currently posted; my goal’s to get the rest of Joy’s story up within the month. Haven’t yet decided whether to then proceed into the “Titanic Tina” storyline, so any feedback on this is appreciated.

Friday, February 09, 2007

Lucky BUF Readers

Another Ned Sonntag one-page from BUF in the mid-nineties (need to go back and check the actual issue it appeared in: the magazine’s table of contents page during this era was notoriously unreliable), “Buffie’s ‘Iron Woman’ Extreme Triathlon”:

(The above strip is copyright Ned Sonntag.)

Friday, February 02, 2007

"Sexist Bastards"

From the March 1995 issue of the magazine that once stood for "Big Up Front," here's another of Ned Sonntag's one-page SSBBW strips:

(The above strip is copyright Ned Sonntag.)