Sunday, January 28, 2007

"M-marry Me!"

Those Dimensia panels from the Museum of Sex Show got me reminiscing about Ned Sonntag's SSBBW strips in general: most specifically, the one- and two-page entries he did for Dimensions and the men's mag BUF. So with a cranky scanner once more working at the OakHaus, I've decided (with Ned's blessings) to put together a page of these strips. At the moment, the full page is a work in progress, but as I scan each strip, I plan to sneak peak 'em here. This first item, from the January '95 issue of BUF, is one of my personal faves (click it to get a readable version):

(The above strip, of course, is copyright Ned Sonntag and thus posted with his kind permission.)

Sunday, January 21, 2007

Nephilim & Grimoires

Underground and size acceptance cartoonist Ned “King of the FAs” Sonntag responds to having one of his central images appropriated on the front cover of Jude Milner & Mary Wilshire’s graphic novel Fat Free by doing a six-panel rejoinder for the NYC Museum of Sex’s forthcoming “Kink Show.” Mister S. was kind enuff to send me scannable color copies of the pages (I’m more than a little proud to be name-checked in the piece – and have my fictional tome Fast Majicke utilized as part of the story, too!) Here’s an advanced look at the strip (click the smaller image and then the larger image to get a good look):

Per Ned, the actual panels are 10-1/2" square. If you’re in the Big Apple this February, you might wanna get check the fuller-sized versions (along with other provocative Kink-y images collected by Katharine Gates, the author of Deviant Desires) out. I can already tell you that even the color copies look better than my poor ol’ scanner can replicate.

(The above images are, of course, copyright Ned Sonntag and posted with his permission.)

Saturday, January 13, 2007

"No One Gets to Me More than You!"

So I’m listening to a reissue of the 4 Seasons’ Working My Way Back to You, and I discover to my surprise that the band recorded the first version of “I Can’t Get Enough of You Baby,” a song which also was a single for & and the Mysterians and Smashmouth. The catchy Linzer/Randell tune contains a memorable refrain: “I love you so much/I wish that there was more of you to touch!” In one of the verses, the singer makes it sound like he’s wishing his loved one were twins, but the second time he brings it up, I naturally can’t help wonderin’ if these Jersey Boys have a whole different thing going here – and I start visualizing Frankie Valli with a big-haired Ginny Sack type . . .

Friday, January 12, 2007

Miss Me, Baby?

Been months since I've posted anything here, but in anticipation of having something cool to put up in the next day or so, here's a test pic: