Wednesday, July 27, 2005

The Birdman Is the Word

I'm a few days late, but since The Cartoon Network doesn't follow the lead of other cable nets by replaying its original programming several times over the week, it probably doesn't matter. But lovers of cartoon fanta-sizing would do well to seek out the "Booty Noir" episode of the "Adult Swim" 'toon Harvey Birdman, Attorney at Law whene'er it reruns. One of the show's two plots concerns the obsessive lust of green man Reducto – an alien who specializes in shrinking objects – with the full-sized rear of the zaftig Norlissa, girlfriend to onetime Super Friend, Black Vulcan. Torn between his newfound love and his love of pulling his ray gun and diminishing things, Reducto (amusingly voiced by The Daily Show's Stephen Colbert) instead turns his gun to "maximize" and starts building a bigger butt on his new girlfriend. Some decent cartoon expansion imagery (expect to see some screen caps of Norlissa to eventually show up in one of the Yahoo cartoon WG groups) and an ending that includes some feeding imagery: wouldn't be surprised to read if one of Birdman's writers was a habitué of the Dimensions Weight Room. . .

Friday, July 01, 2005

Group Work

In follow-up to the previous post, I should note that a new Yahoo group, The Art of Paul Delacroix, has been formed which promises new and exclusive Delacroix graphics in the future. (Paul's rendering of Ceres, one of my favorite goddesses, is especially choice.) As with all the Yahoo groups, you have to go through all the rigmarole to enroll and actually see the graphics, but membership has its privileges: if you join, you also get access to another page with larger, higher pixelled versions of Paul's pics. Kudos to the lovely Sandy Zitkus for moderating this baby.