Thursday, March 31, 2005


To make it official: Barbers Blog will be going on hiatus for a while as this writer continues to work on a load of non-fanta-sizing personal stuff. For details (if you're so interested), please check out the Penny Foolish blog.

Saturday, March 19, 2005

A Series of Sucky Events

Had an email asking for more details on the stress-inducing financial situation at my place, so if you want more information, check out my alter ego's web log here.

Tuesday, March 15, 2005

Fair Warning

Due to a series of financial, emotional and work-related hassles, posting will be light to non-existent in the foreseeable future. It's just one of those shitty times that everybody goes through, but it's gonna take some hard work to get through it. Hope to see you on the other side. . .

Monday, March 07, 2005

A Short Cautionary Story

Recently had a brief e-mail discussion with one of the contributors to Dimensions' Weight Room stories page, which your humble servant is currently curating, and I thought it was worth summarizing. Said e-correspondent had submitted two stories over a year ago to Dimensions, and one of the two stories had included the writer's real name in its byline. Both works wound up getting posted with this name attached; at the time the writer was still in school, so the fact that their name was affiliated with a couple of weight gain fantasies on the Internet didn't seem like a big deal. Now, the writer was looking at entering the job market ā€“ and, all of a sudden, the idea of having erotica that could be accessed by entering one's real name into Google didn't seem like such a good thing.

The writer asked me to remove their name from the stories, and I was happy to oblige. That doesn't entirely let them off the hook, though, since Google caches a lot of pages that have already been accessed. So their name's still out there, even if it's no longer on the Dim site.

Writing fanta-sizing fiction can be a liberating act for FAs ā€“ much as posing for glamour shots or sexy photo shoots can be for many fat women. But you've gotta show a little common sense, particularly in these too-judgmental times. Particularly if you're a young FA, looking for work in a tight job market and wanting to give the impression you're an upstanding citizen. So if you're writing stories - or producing art - that may be considered risky now, keep in mind the simple fact that it may be viewed online years after you've created it.

That's why the Muse created pseudonyms. . .