Friday, April 02, 2010

A Smallish Plug

For the record, Lew Baird (or at least someone playing him in a comic romantic novel!) has a cameo appearance in Becky Fox & Bill Sherman's Measure by Measure.

New Fat Magic Tale

The fifth (and probably final) “Lew Baird” tale has been posted on the Dimensions website this week. Like the previous entries, it’s a fantasy of magical weight gain, altered realities and class transformation. Unlike most of the FM tales that appear under my name, the Baird stories have a little bit of an edge to 'em: nothing too dark unlike some of the WG fantasies you can find on the web, but not as celebratory as I try to be in my own tales. Think of Lew as Richard Bachman to my Stephen King, then. In any event, "Sandra/Sandy" is online for your entertainment.