Wednesday, January 23, 2008

Back in the Saddle Again

No, I haven’t gone away for good: it’s just that the joys of full-scale relocation (from Illinois to Arizona), a new job and subsequent financial stressors involved from trying to sell our old house in a doom-laden market have kept me from this blog for too darn long. But if I offered you a link to the story I posted on the Dimensions Online site over the holidays, would you forgive me? It’s the tale I was selling in last summer’s Wilson Barbers Newsletter, ”Fat Manga,” though as is usual with me, I’ve since made a few small revisions to the tale. You five readers who bought a copy of the newsletter: why not compare and contrast both versions of the story – and see where I’ve fiddled with the text!

My life is a towering slush pile, stacked with endless re-drafts . . .