Thursday, May 17, 2007

Jubilicious Gains

After being absent from his blog for a coupla weeks, the redoubtable Derrick Fish has posted a progressive weight gain pic that I think is a first for him. The results prove to be quite stunning for fanta-sizers, even if the transition from smooth-legged BBW in stage three to the series of bulges and folds we see on stage four's gams seems a little bit abrupt. (Really like her arms, though.)

Wednesday, May 09, 2007

“Give Me the Food If You Love Me”

Over at the Dimensions Weight Board, one of the regular posters (Jon Blaze) drew my attention to a sweet music vid entitled “Give Me the Food.” Thought I’d check out my imbedding skillz and see if I could put it up here:

Sunday, May 06, 2007

Her Mare Self

A new “Fat Magic” transformation tale has been posted on the Dimensions Online website this weekend: first of a possible trilogy of tales written by “Lew Baird,” himself the hero of an FM story written in the 1990’s. An Alternate Reality fantasy, “Marianne/Mare” also has the good fortune to be graced with a title illo by one of the best FA artists out there: The Studio. Even if you’re not much for sudden transformation tales, why not check out the graphic?


The House Wife

Months after reading about it on the Dimensions web boards, I finally got a chance to view the computer animated Monster House on cable this weekend. The horror comedy – primarily aimed at a Goonies aged audience – concerns a hungry old house that’s haunted by the spirit of an embittered sideshow fat lady. Soon as I read that Constance, the fat lady we see in flashback, was voiced by Kathleen Turner, it was like reading about one of my long-held FA fantasies come true.

Watching the actual film – and its too brief fat lady sequence – I couldn’t help wishing we’d been given at least one more moment of film. (Here goes Wilson, once more gassing about how he'd make a movie better!) Though Constance’s hubby Nebbercracker (Steve Buscemi) is clearly enthralled with the super-super-sized femme the moment he spies her, we’re never really given any moments showing this in action. Instead, we see the sideshow performer being taunted by rubes and neighborhood kids – and raging against these taunts. For the film’s poignant final shot of Nebbercracker dancing with the freed spirit of his wife to really work, we needed at least one good long shot of the full-sized woman as seen through her loving husband-to-be’s eyes. Perhaps on the DVD?

P.S.: Points to MonHouse for having a portly kid character – and not making a lotta obvious Chunk-style fat jokes about him!

Tuesday, May 01, 2007

Alien Metabolisms

Over at the Pop Culture Gadabout, blogfather Bill Sherman recently did a posting on longtime FA pin-up wreck Anna Nicole Smith’s final direct-to-video low-budgeter, Illegal Aliens. Bill captures most of the movie’s so-bad-it’s-bad features, but he omits discussing one scene that inevitably piqued my interest: a sequence where one of the hottie shape-shifting aliens, Drew (Lenise Sorén), goes out on a dinner date with a geeky guy scientist. After she makes a full-course order at the restaurant, her date comments on the fact that it’s unusual to see a girl her size who is unafraid to eat. She doesn’t need to worry about overeating, the alien sez; she has a metabolism that allows her to eat all day without gaining any weight. This largely irrelevant conversation is never followed up on in the movie, but that didn’t stop the fanta-sizer in me from imagining the scene that should’ve been: a scene where the movie’s villainess Rex (Chyna) attempts to incapacitate the intergalactic policewoman by fiddling with her metabolism and turning the alien into a mega-sized BBW. Which leads me to Barbers’ First Rule of Sci/Fantasy. "If you’re gonna have yer characters talk about WG and overeating in the course of yer story, then, by God, you better ultimately show some weight gain and overeating!!!!"