Friday, June 24, 2005


In the About Time Dammit category, I'm pleased to belatedly note the birth of a new website devoted to FA artist Paul Delacroix's work. Paul's a talented draftsman with a knack for rendering sensuous super-sized BBWs, and way back in the Paleolithic Age, he also did some gorgeous pen graphics for some of my early BUF and Dimensions fantasies. (Or at least he's had some luscious graphics attached to a few of my stories – at times, I suspect BUF's editor simply slapped whatever sexy fat woman pic he had available alongside some of my submissions: when it was one of Paul's, I never once thought to complain.) Though not as classically focused as much of his more recent work (his "Lute Songs" looks like it could’ve come from the first great era of book illustration), the early Delacroix still revealed Paul's obvious love for the folds and textures of the plus-sized female form. Somebody needs to put some of this earlier work on the Internet (unless, that is, Paul is resistant to the idea). Even when he was just starting out, the guy's art surpassed ninety per cent of the FA artists out there.

When it comes to fanta-sizing, I have to admit that Paul and I aren't fully in sync, though. Unlike other FA illustrators – BeakerFA and Ned Sonntag inevitably come to mind – who've also collaborated with me, Delacroix doesn't really share an affinity with the kinds of mega-growth stories that I've written more consistently over the past decade. Though he did once do a sweet set of graphics for a Giantess WG story I once wrote, it's clear that the man's more in tune with beautifully broad-beamed real-life super-sizers than he is the globular mega-women populating the world of Fat Magic. In this, I have to say that Paul's probably lucky: the chances of him spying any number of real world counterparts to his gorgeous illustrations are astronomically higher than my ever coming across an actual lady Adipost. . .